Sustainable Fashion: Clothes with a Cause

Hello everyone,
As eco-friendly everything becomes more and more trendy, an important thing to keep in mind is to do your own research — just because something says it’s green or earth friendly doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to hold up to your standards.
That said, an important step is a buyer’s intention to buy green in the first place, and a vendor’s intentions to 1. let the public know that they care about sustainability and 2. to live up to their promises.
Below are some of the cooler websites some colleagues and I found while doing some research on sustainable fashion. Check them out, and see for yourself whether they are up to snuff.

Conserve, Reduce, Offset: One Ton CO^2

Buying one of their shirts offsets one ton of CO^2 emissions. Plus, they’re cute! Check out the rest of the website for other neat ways to nix one ton of CO^2!

Price range: $28

Luxury Eco – Fashion Designer Linda Loudermilk

Linda Loudermilk is a fashion designer who uses sustainable fabrics and really seems to care about the environment. Check out her really neat designs.

Simple Shoes: Really Cool Sustainable Footwear

This brand seems really serious about sustainability, and their shoes are really cute. Definitely check them out.

Shoes and bags for guys and girls.

Price range: $45-$100

Clothes with a Cause: Tonic Tees


Each of Tonic’s shirts is made for a cause. The Tree Tee plants 25 trees in North America. The School Tee funds three school kids’ education for a year. The Net Tee will fund the delivery of 3 mosquito bed nets to families in Africa. The Fresh Tee will contribute to a lifetime of fresh water, latrines, hygiene education and sanitation.

Price range: $45 per shirt.

Onno Textiles: Wholesale Organic Clothing

ONNO’s shirts are made with sustainable fibers: bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. They look really, really soft. You can buy in wholesale, or you can buy just one. In a variety of colors. Also, check out the clearance!

Organic shirts and tote bag for men and women.

Price Range: $8-$26

El Naturalista: Eco-Chic Sustainable Shoes

This company, originating in Spain, sells super fashionable eco-friendly shoes. They have stores all over the world, and also have an online E-Shop.

Sandals, shoes, and boots for men and women.

Price range: 89 € to 200 € (Euros)

Rapanui: “The Green Clothing Company”

Established by a pair of surfing brothers, this sustainable clothing company sells, among other things, “Ethical Underwear”.

Shirts, underwear, and hoodies for men and women.

Price Range: £10 – £45 (British Pounds).

Sustainable Superstore: Organic Bug

This site has everything, from women’s and men’s clothing to home to garden products.

Price range: Wide.

Devidoll London: Ethical Fashion

Really fashionable ethical clothing. Give it a look!

Clothing, shoes, bags, spa, and accessories. Men and women.

Price range: £30 to £150.

Sustainable Couture: Designer Anna Cohen

Check out Anna Cohen’s eco-friendly, high-fashion designs.

Other cool links for Sustainable Fashion: Sustainable Designers

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Organic Denim (in stores around the US):