This blog is run by the Student Research Assistants at the Office of Sustainability at Yale University.

Yale’s Office of Sustainability, which reports jointly to the Office of Facilities and the Office of the Provost, was created to generate increased momentum and facilitate the process of developing and implementing best sustainability practices at Yale. We intend to do this by adding new energy to the community’s historical grassroots sustainability efforts, and also to the University’s early formal mechanisms, such as the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Environmental Management. We are committed to a process that:

-Engages students, faculty, and staff in gaining understanding of our current patterns and consequences of behaviors;

-Calls upon creative dialogue to explore desirable sustainable characteristics and the means to achieve them;

-Incorporates sustainability principles into our operational functions and educational framework in order to influence our actions from the local to the global level.

The Yale Office of Sustainability is located at 70 Whitney Avenue in New Haven, Connecticut. You can visit our home page at http://www.yale.edu/sustainability.


One Response to “About”

  1. lhoshaw Says:

    Love this blog! I just returned from a reporting trip to the Garbage Patch to write an article for the New York Times and we need more sustainability coverage than ever! I’m putting together a podcast about disposable coffee cups so I especially loved the post about bringing your own mug.

    Lindsey Hoshaw

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