Do you know which number plastic bottles are safe to reuse?

Apparently, according to Trusted, it is NOT recommended to re-fill plastic bottles made from #1 plastic. And many #7 plastic bottles (bottles made from non 1-6 resins or more than one resin) contains Bisphenol A, a harmful xenoestrogen that interferes with human hormonal messaging. (However, not all – Nalgene makes a non BPA bottle that is made of a #7 plastic)

However, numbers 2 (high density polyethylene), 4 (low density polyethylene), and 5 (polypropylene) should be safe.

One particularly important note to take away from the article is that many baby bottles are made from unsafe materials – as far as chemical toxins go, your best bet for your own water and for babies’ milk and juice is glass or #2 HDPE bottles.

For more info on baby-safe bottles, go here.

For a more in-depth look at the different types of plastic, go here.


7 Responses to “Do you know which number plastic bottles are safe to reuse?”

  1. Insulation Brisbane Says:

    Now this is interesting. I have learned something new.

  2. Plastic Bottles Says:

    When you say that these are the safe bottles, what do you mean? Safe for drinking out of? Are some other types of plastic bottles better for storing other liquids or raw materials, perhaps.

  3. Brock Says:

    I am curious about the bottles companies like Culligan and Besco use? We get our water from them every month in the big 5 gallon jugs as our tap water is extremely high in chlorine. The bottle on the bottom says 7. Would these bottles be bad? Both companies say they use these bottles and they are fine. Is this true?

  4. allen Says:

    If it’s not considered safe (or recommended) to re-fill a #1 plastic bottle, why is it considered safe to use it for its original use? (such as holding energy drinks) Or is it considered safe?

  5. Michael Says:

    I knew there was a purpose for those numbers but I was always under the assumptiont hat the lower the number, the better it was for you to reuse. Apparently that is not the case. Thanks for posting this. now I’ll just have to remember 2,4,5.

  6. Sandy Lisiewski Says:

    This whole thing is very confusing to me. So, here is my question. I recently purchased a clear plastic bottle which I use all the time. The sign said BPA FREE. On the bottom of the bottle it says #7 in a triangle and says BPA FREE. So, is this a safe bottle or should I be looking for one with a #2, 3, 4 or 5? Need some advice.

    Thank you.

  7. Laura Says:

    I recently threw out all unmarked food containers and drinking glasses(without a # code) from at least 10 years or more since purchased, which I used only for cold drinks. My Q is: I have super sized Betras drink mugs with a #7 (cold drinks); they are black plastic. Should I toss them? They are made in the US. Bubba brand makes a #5 super size. Thanks, Laura

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