Pringles Can Accessories and Bubble-Dye Origami Paper

Hi there folks,

Just wanted to share some videos I made for “eco crafts,” a green DIY fashion, arts, and crafts blog. One video shows how to turn Pringles cans from non-recyclables into recyclables AND cool accessories (hair clips and pins from the aluminum disc at the bottom). The other video explains how to make old printed-on paper into fun, kid-friendly origami paper with food coloring and soap bubbles.


Sustainability Summit and T-Shirt Design Contest

Hey all! Just wanted to spread the word that Yale’s Sustainability Summit is hosting a T-Shirt Design Contest!

The Yale Sustainability Summit is a weeklong campus symposium with tons of great green events. The winning T-Shirt designer gets a $100 gift certificate to Campus Customs, and their shirt will be printed for free on any light-colored t-shirt students bring to Campus Customs on Monday, March 30.

Designs are due soon: Monday, March 23! Get designing!

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