Cut the Waste – No more paper coffee cups! tells us that Americans alone consume 400 million cups of coffee per day — that’s 146 billion cups of coffee per year!

What’s really disturbing is that the US Census tells us that the American population as of 2007 is 301,621,157. 400 million cups per day for 300 million people!

Now, just imagine how many of those drinks are poured into single-use disposable coffee cups. According to Starbucks, if 50 customers at each location used reusable mugs, we would save 150,000 cups per day, reducing waste by 1.7 million pounds of paper per year.

Doing your part is easy – just bring a thermos or a mug to the coffee shop with you. Yale STEP has made it even easier with their stylish new STEP Mug, available for only $5. Contact your college’s STEP coordinator for one now!


6 Responses to “Cut the Waste – No more paper coffee cups!”

  1. Tim Says:

    This seems like a really simple solution to an issue that most people probably have no idea about, and probably be fine with changing their lifestyle pattern to bring along a thermos. Another possibility would be to starch-based plastics such as from quick growing crops to replace wax paper cups.

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  3. cathi stegall Says:

    my latest realization: eating ice cream from a cone! Think of all the ice cream bowls we’re keeping out of the land fills! Yep. It’s a service to our environment!

  4. cate Says:

    good idea and a good excuse to buy the thermos i’ve been eyeing for a while 😉

  5. Damien Says:

    Hey guys, I might have a small answer to this increasing problem. I found this BYO reusable coffee cup in my local cafe in Melbourne Australia.
    Its Designed to look exactly like a bad take-away coffee cup, so you dont feel like your drinking from a kiddies cup.
    Its made completely from Silicone so its light and flexible and they say will withstand 2000C heat. It’s made by a company called Hookturn Industries. It kept my coffee really warm but was cool to the touch. It’s awesome i love it. You can buy it online. I’m telling all my friends.

  6. Nik Says:

    These are pretty stunning facts. I’ve always been shocked by the amount of waste that we generate from simple coffee cups alone.

    On a 25 minute walk to work last summer, through downtown Minneapolis, I counted over 30 people carrying paper cups. It doesn’t sound like much… but that’s a single day, in small window of time and a relatively small city.

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