Sustainable Fashion: Clothes with a Cause

Hello everyone,
As eco-friendly everything becomes more and more trendy, an important thing to keep in mind is to do your own research — just because something says it’s green or earth friendly doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to hold up to your standards.
That said, an important step is a buyer’s intention to buy green in the first place, and a vendor’s intentions to 1. let the public know that they care about sustainability and 2. to live up to their promises.
Below are some of the cooler websites some colleagues and I found while doing some research on sustainable fashion. Check them out, and see for yourself whether they are up to snuff.

Conserve, Reduce, Offset: One Ton CO^2

Buying one of their shirts offsets one ton of CO^2 emissions. Plus, they’re cute! Check out the rest of the website for other neat ways to nix one ton of CO^2!

Price range: $28

Luxury Eco – Fashion Designer Linda Loudermilk

Linda Loudermilk is a fashion designer who uses sustainable fabrics and really seems to care about the environment. Check out her really neat designs.

Simple Shoes: Really Cool Sustainable Footwear

This brand seems really serious about sustainability, and their shoes are really cute. Definitely check them out.

Shoes and bags for guys and girls.

Price range: $45-$100

Clothes with a Cause: Tonic Tees


Each of Tonic’s shirts is made for a cause. The Tree Tee plants 25 trees in North America. The School Tee funds three school kids’ education for a year. The Net Tee will fund the delivery of 3 mosquito bed nets to families in Africa. The Fresh Tee will contribute to a lifetime of fresh water, latrines, hygiene education and sanitation.

Price range: $45 per shirt.

Onno Textiles: Wholesale Organic Clothing

ONNO’s shirts are made with sustainable fibers: bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. They look really, really soft. You can buy in wholesale, or you can buy just one. In a variety of colors. Also, check out the clearance!

Organic shirts and tote bag for men and women.

Price Range: $8-$26

El Naturalista: Eco-Chic Sustainable Shoes

This company, originating in Spain, sells super fashionable eco-friendly shoes. They have stores all over the world, and also have an online E-Shop.

Sandals, shoes, and boots for men and women.

Price range: 89 € to 200 € (Euros)

Rapanui: “The Green Clothing Company”

Established by a pair of surfing brothers, this sustainable clothing company sells, among other things, “Ethical Underwear”.

Shirts, underwear, and hoodies for men and women.

Price Range: £10 – £45 (British Pounds).

Sustainable Superstore: Organic Bug

This site has everything, from women’s and men’s clothing to home to garden products.

Price range: Wide.

Devidoll London: Ethical Fashion

Really fashionable ethical clothing. Give it a look!

Clothing, shoes, bags, spa, and accessories. Men and women.

Price range: £30 to £150.

Sustainable Couture: Designer Anna Cohen

Check out Anna Cohen’s eco-friendly, high-fashion designs.

Other cool links for Sustainable Fashion: Sustainable Designers

Yes! article on Sustainable Fashion

Organic Denim (in stores around the US):


6 Responses to “Sustainable Fashion: Clothes with a Cause”

  1. Resonance Partnership Blog : Proof O’ The Green: Standards Says:

    […] As the conversation has shifted from “Is Global Warming for real?” to “I need to make changes in my purchase decisions” consumers are being offered an array of products from food to housing that have labels that claim they are energy efficient, biodegradable, organic, eco-friendly or otherwise claim to be green choice we should be making when we buy that new car, new house, or new blouse. […]

  2. Arjen Kleinherenbrink Says:


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    I’d also like to invite you to CSRcenter ( We are building a global, no-cost CSR and sustainability community. Our goal is to gather as many students, professionals and practitioners as possible in one community, allowing them to freely share insights and create knowledge.

    If you find our initiative interesting, we would be honored if you could mention it in one of your next blog posts. I hope you will pay us a visit!

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  3. bitgreener Says:

    Great list of places to find true green clothing.Will help spread the word on these sites.Love that you researched them to see if they are truly green clothing items.

  4. Alexis Designer Fashion Says:

    Hello I discovered your post by accident, I was surfing around Bing for Designer Fashion when I came upon your blog, I must say your blog is really cool I just love the content, its amazing!. I’m strapped for time in this instance to fully browse your website but I have favorited it and also signed up for your RSS feeds. I will be back when I have more time. Bravo for a great webpage.

  5. Machja Says:

    If you are looking for green clothing, check out these organic cottonclothes by Machja.
    I can guarantee you the high quality of these eco-friendly products, since I work for this company. 🙂

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