FES Doctoral Research Presentations – This Friday!

Hey, if you’re interested in what our doctoral candidate friends at FES are doing, you should come watch them give their presentations this Friday, February 29th, 2008. Names in bold below are also RAs here at the Office of Sustainability!

Here is the e-mail that was sent out to FES students:

Yale FES Doctoral Students: 

Save the date! Your peers are presenting their inspiring and
interesting research on Friday, February 29, 2008 in Bowers

As fellow doctoral students, you are highly encouraged to attend the
conference and represent on behalf of the doctoral student body.

At FES, PhD students get very few organized opportunities to mix and
mingle. Please support the FES doc student research community and come
to the *entire* conference. We offer free food and drinks throughout
the day to keep your energy high!

To top off a wonderful day of student talks, we are lucky to have Dr.
Shahid Naeem, an ecologist from Columbia University, as our keynote
speaker. The title of his talk is “”Is sustainable development
feasible in an age of mass extinction?”

The full schedule is available on our website:

And a shortened version is here:

8:45 am Breakfast
9:00 am Welcome
9:15 am Environmental Quality and Management Panel
Katrina Jessoe, Keita Ebisu, Heather Clark, and Weslynne Ashton
10:45 am Ecology Panel
Daniel Piotto, Brandon Barton, Manja Holland, and Holly Jones
12 noon Lunch
1:15 pm Economics and Policy Panel
Juliana Wang, Sara Smiley Smith, Yaniv Stopnitzky, and Graeme Auld
2:45 pm Biogeochemistry and Water Panel
Diana Karwan, Maura Bozeman, Jason Rauch, and Becca Barnes
4:30 pm Keynote address, Dr. Shahid Naeem
5:30 pm Reception

Please feel free to email conference organizers Kim
(kimberly.carlson@yale.edu) and Jonathan
(jonathan.richardson@yale.edu) with any questions!


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