Green Weddings


Though the majority of you Yale Students won’t need to think about this anytime in the near future, at our last meeting, fellow RA Sara Smiley Smith brought up a really interesting subject: green weddings! There are a lot of ways to green a wedding:

– Use environmentally friendly invitations (and printed things in general)

– Use organic foods/catering, makeup products…

– Where appropriate, use as many recycled and recyclable products as you can (programs, thank-you cards, menus, flatware, etc.)

– Buy eco-friendly wedding rings (from recycled precious metals, etc.)

– Use a hybrid luxury car

– Ask your guests to buy you eco-friendly gifts (energy-star appliances, etc.)

– Get an eco-friendly wedding dress (yes, they exist!)

– …and many more! (See 10 Steps to a Green Wedding: )

Here is a slew of links you might find intriguing:

Green Wedding Services,

Great Green Weddings,

Environmental Wedding Favors,

Nice Day for a Green Wedding,

How Green Was My Wedding,

Green Elegance Weddings,

Global Giving, a resource for charitable and green gift registry,

Perhaps, even though you yourselves probably won’t need these links anytime soon, you can bring up the idea of a green wedding in casual conversation if you know any couples that are planning to seal the deal…

PS: Don’t forget about a green honeymoon! (Ecotourism?…)


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