Desk-side Recycling

In efforts to encourage campus recycling and increase actual rates of recycling from 19% to 40%, the University has implemented a desk-side recycling program that puts two special bins at every office desk on campus which are emptied by custodians twice weekly. You may have seen these new trash and recycling bins, but may not know exactly how to use them, or even which one is which. deskside-recycling.jpg

Large Bin:

Mixed Paper

Resist the temptation to put garbage (food wrappers, plastic waste, etc.) in the large bin – after all, in an office, there is bound to be more paper trash than any other kind, so it makes sense that paper should go in the larger bin.

Mixed Paper Includes: Newspaper, white paper, colored paper, glossy paper, magazines, catalogs, envelopes*, manila folders, notecards, books, sticky notes, paperboard (thin cardboard). Envelopes are OK with or without plastic windows. Staples in Mixed Paper are OK.

Mixed Paper does not include: Food service paper, wax paper, paper cups, carbon paper, thermal fax paper, copy paper wrappers, paper clips.

Small bin: Trash

Here’s a list of things NOT to throw away here. Recycle these in the appropriate manner!

Printer Cartridges
Technoscrap (batteries, small electronics, etc)
Cans and Bottles


Most of all, don’t throw away Mixed Paper! After all, the mixed paper bin is in the exact same place as the trash bin.

Waste Stream analyses suggest that 21% of our “trash” is actually recyclable mixed paper.

In fiscal year 2006, Yale generated 6186 tons of trash. According to CJ May of Yale Recycling, if we had recycled that 21% of mixed paper (equivalent to 1299 tons), we would have doubled our recycling rate from 19% to 38%, nearly reaching our target of 40%. If it is fully taken advantage of, the convenience of desk-side recycling is sure to help Yale’s campus reach the target recycling rate. Happy recycling!


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